Being happy with what you have and dealing with setbacks and disappointments are things that can be learned. Adults and children can do this together.
Creativity and imagination can make all of us more resilient. That’s why Talismanneke develops projects that draw from these resources.
Talismanneke promotes a respectful attitude towards all humans as well as the environment.

Talismanneke is a Belgian bilingual (Dutch – French) non profit organisation. We like to work with picture books to start conversations about difficult topics.

In 2017 our first picture book will be available in English, published by JKP. A short presentation in English of the other picture books can be found below and under the “Projects”-tab. We invite you to take a look at the Dutch pages of this website to get a better idea of our work!


  • Grief and loss are part of life, and they don’t make life any less beautiful. The Teardrop fairy shows Snibbles why…
  • Dealing with unemployment can be scary for adults. But what about the children? Children are especially sensitive to the emotional roller-coaster of economic insecurity. Another Snibbles story about parental job loss: Mr Paw is looking for a job 
  • In the Wishing Flower Snibbles is going through a very hard time when a dear friend suddenly dies in an accident. Although he wasn’t there at the time he struggles with feelings of guilt and has trouble sleeping. Luckily Oohoo the wise owl has some good advice.4-snuiterboeken



  • coverArchibaldeboekenwormHow to explain the link between books and trees to children? And how can it be that by choosing a picture book with an FSC label you can help the animals in the forest? Archibal takes you on a wonderful trip to the rain forest.



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